Desi Perkins x Katy Dose of Colors Collection - Review, Photos, & Swatches

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be sharing my first impressions/review of the Desi x Katy Dose of Colors collection. I was able to grab the full collection on release day. It was actually a pretty easy check out on their website! No crashing or slowness!

The collection includes:

  • The Girls Palette (4 Shades) Suz, Noli, Turbosan, and Harpoon. $28
  • Two highlighters: Fuego and Mirame. $28 each.
  • Two liquid lipsticks: Hot Fire and Savage. $18 each.
  • Two lipsticks: No Shade, and More Creamer Please. $16 each.
  • Lipgloss: Over the Top. $15.

I paid $167 for everything. There was no discount for purchasing the bundle.

  • The Girls Palette (4 Shades) Suz, Noli, Turbosan, and Harpoon: Suz came shattered so I did have to press it. All of the shades in this palette are beautiful and have a weird texture. It almost feels like a Colourpop shadow where it's not cream but it's also not a powder like a regular shadow. The shades are all pigmented. The shadow Turbosan is my favorite. It is a beautiful purple/plum shade.  They all look so metallic/glittery when the light hits.
  • Two highlighters / Fuego and Mirame: I have been using these two highlights together every day and I am OBSESSED. These highlights are so bright. You're highlight will be boooomin. You definitely should go in with a light hand and build up. I apply way too much everytime I use this LOL.
  • Two liquid lipsticks / Hot Fire and Savage: I was so scared of Hot Fire at first because these shades usually don't look right on me, but this shade.... is stunning. I NEVER found a shade like this that actually looks good on me. It's a bright orange/red shade. I will be wearing this all the time. Savage is a deep burgundy shade. I thought it was going to be a deep purple. This is another beautiful shade and the formula is amazing. Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks are always on point. 
  • Two lipsticks / No Shade, and More Creamer Please: Desi was not lyingggg when she said More Creamer Please was the perfect nude for us brown girls. This shade on it's own or paired with a brown lip liner is the perfect lip combo for everyday. It is a deeper nude... almost more yellow/peachy/brown and not as pink as most nudes I see other brands releasing. No Shade is a peachy lipstick and is meant to be a nude for lighter skin tones, but also looks great on top of More Creamer Please or on its own with a brown lip liner. I will be buying more of these when they restock!
  • Lipgloss / Over the Top: IN LOVE with this gloss. It's just a clear gloss with gold reflects. It isn't chunky at all and it is so comfortable on the lips. I wore this to a concert and once it sort of dried out a bit the glitters were still there, but looked so nice. I still had that slightly glossy look with some gold reflect. This is perfect to add over any lipstick or wear on it's own. 

Here are the swatches of all the products. I will also include two looks I created. 

dose of colors - katy - desi perkins

Top: Fuego and Mirame Highlight, Suz on the inner corner, Noli on the lids, Hot Fire on the lips. 


Bottom: Turbosan on the lips with Mirame highlight on the inner corners. 

Make sure to check out the collection when they restock in September!